Significance of Authentic Excellence LLC Logo

    The Authentic Excellence LLC logo was created as a fusion of the Japanese symbol for “Seed of Life” and the Tibetan symbol for “Seed of the Universe”. The logo represents the seed of potential that lies within each of us and it is my personal mission is to inspire and foster that potential to help individuals fulfill their purpose in life.

    “A seed of the universe is planted within every human soul, like a seed is planted in the earth. If you give a seed what it needs to grow, the seed will first shoot up through the earth and will eventually bloom and bursts into full flower. The universe has planted the seed within us all and you are the gardener…If you keep the seed in the darkness and do not give it the light, the universe cannot be expressed through you.” --- Mark Claridge

    “Like a seed that doesn't get water or sunlight, most human potential withers and dies.”
    --- Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

"Many people die with their music still in them." 
--Oliver Wendell Homes