“Working with Matt helped me decipher what was really important to me in terms of my career and what that career provided me.  He helped me figure out “what I want to be when I grow up”.  Now that I am armed with that knowledge and awareness, I can move forward with building a career that plays to my strengths and provides me with all the things my original career did not.  I no longer feel like I’m spinning my wheels – I’m actually going in the direction I wish I would have gone twenty years ago.” — Robin P.

    “Working with Matt helped me understand my hidden talents and enabled me to focus on my strengths. I knew I was unhappy in my career, but did not know why.” — Brian S.

    “Matt has worked with our group in a team building setting and did an excellent job. He is especially adept at building rapport with the group and utilizing his knowledge of group processes and facilitation skills to help the group attain its maximum potential. Matt has excellent consultation skills, is very much a professional, and has a passion for what he does that carries over to the group with which he is working.” — Bruce Raak, Director of Staffing and Associate Relations for Jackson National Insurance

    “I had a notebook full of forgotten goals and impossible New Year’s Resolutions. Matt asked the questions that helped me better understand myself, my values and my passions. Once I identified my strengths and understood what fueled my drive; we went to work on defining the goals that were most important to me. Steps were taken to align my lifestyle to what I needed to succeed. As I confidently walked across the stage to receive my college diploma at age 40, I thought about the notebook and the twenty year old goal now accomplished. Life isn’t meant to be done alone; everyone needs a coach to empower and inspire them!” — Kathy

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